Draft Mead

Welcome to the Craft Mead Revolution! 
Our draft meads (sometimes referred to as 'Session Meads') are lightly carbonated,
refreshing and showcase a variety of flavors. 

12oz_Template SS_Blackberry.png


(Formerly known as RHAPSODY)

Blackberry takes center stage to showcase The Hive’s techniques to deliver intense fruit flavor while maintaining a smooth and subtle sweetness. Our customers have spoken loudly and launched this mead to the top of our range.

Wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation combine to make this an amazingly refreshing draft mead.

Rhapsody Mead Review Untappd.png

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Year-round

Gold, Orpheus Cup 2018 Silver, Texas Mead Cup 2017

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(Formerly known as DISCOVERY)

Our original draft mead, Honey showcases The Hive’s ability to create a beautifully complex flavor from the simplicity of Orange Blossom Honey (and a little magic).

Delicious and refreshing lightly carbonated mead crafted with the highest quality orange blossom honey. This Mead is a perfect balance of subtle sweetness with a hint of citrus and a crisp finish.

Discovery Mead Review Untappd.png

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Year-round Gold, Mazer Cup 2017 Silver, Texas Mead Cup 2017 Bronze, Mazer Cup 2016

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(Formerly known as HAVEN)

This flawless mead highlights The Hive’s expertise in creating a fusion of fruit, spice and orange blossom flavors. We brought out our A-game with this soon to be world dominating draft mead. 

Peach is a sweet, crisp, refreshing drink for any occasion. Lightly carbonated to deliver a peach punch that compliments a lasting hint of ginger.

Haven Mead Review Untappd.png

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Year-round

Gold, Mazer Cup 2015

12oz_Template SS_Rose.png


This Rosé is subtle and beautiful, blended with ruby red grapefruit, orange blossom honey, dark sweet cherry and hibiscus for that perfect smooth and refreshing Rosé taste.

Alcohol Content: 5.8% ABV 
Draft and Cans

Availability: Available Now

12oz_Template SS_LemonUSA.png


Lemon has become one of our newest fan favorites with its refreshing blend of lemon and orange blossom honey. Tangy and refreshing, it’s the perfect summer companion.

Alcohol Content: 5.0% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Available Now

MHM-037 Lemon ATX 19.2 Can Comp.png


ATX ‘Local Lemon’ has the same great taste as Lemon with a different label and a great cause. A portion of the sales from this product will be donated to leading charities that help support local Austin musicians

Alcohol Content: 5.0% ABV
Draft and Cans (12oz & 19.2oz)

Availability: Available Now

12oz_Template SS_Cherry.png


(Formerly known as DYNAMO)

Every family has a wild child, ours is Cherry. “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him”. The Hive does just that by harnessing these wild and lively flavors to bring you this daring yet poised draft mead.

Cherry is a refreshingly flavorful and complex mead. A lightly carbonated fusion of dark tart cherry with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and almond result in this mouth-puckering winner.

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Seasonal

Silver, Orpheus Cup 2018

12oz_Template SS_Tropical_Nobackground.png


(Formerly known as FRONTIER)

Here’s a little something special that will get you drinking outside the box. The Hive brings together the love of hops with the best orange blossom mead around.

Tropical is dry-hopped using Meridian hops to create a drier mead that is clean and light. Packed with tropical and floral aromas, it finishes crisp, but without the bitter ending. 

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans

Availability: Discontinued

Gold, Mazer Cup 2017

12oz_Template SS_Spiced_nobackground.png


(Formerly known as TRINITY)

Spiced is a bold, vibrant, and delicious draft mead. We blend a triad of spices from around the world with the finest orange blossom honey to create a uniquely refreshing drink that finishes crisp and clean.

Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
Draft and Cans
Availability: Discontinued

Still Mead

These traditional style meads are crafted from single blossom honey, water and yeast. Each offers a distinctive flavor profile that exhibits the best characteristics of the honey. Smooth and ranging from dry to sweet, these wine-like meads are excellent with a meal or as an after-dinner drink.

Huajilla_web copy.png

Huajilla [Wa-he-ya]

Our Texas traditional mead, Huajilla [wa-he-ya] showcases honey from the Southwest Texas desert. Carrying notes of citrus, apple, and a hint of spice, this balanced mead has been known to convert non-mead drinkers with just one taste.

Alcohol Content: 13.2% ABV
Availability: Discontinued



Made with Honey, Olallieberry and Black currants this is our small batch limited release. Only 400 signed & numbered bottles have been produced. Get yours while stocks last!

Alcohol Content: 15% ABV
Availability: Only 406 Bottles Available, 500 ml Bottle

Gold, Mazer Cup 2019

Meadowfoam_NewLabel copy.png


A unique and surprising mead with rare honey sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Meadowfoam has distinctive notes of toasted marshmallow and cotton candy. Sweet without being cloying, this mead makes an excellent after-dinner drink.

Alcohol Content: 13.8% ABV
Availability: Sold Out, 500 ml Bottle

Gold, Mazer Cup 2016 Bronze, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2015



Eight months of aging in spirit-barrels delivers depth and warmth to this silky smooth blend of dark organic tropical honey and great northern heirloom apples. We took years to perfect this mead. So take your time, unwind and enjoy this bounty.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% ABV
Availability: Sold Out, 500ml Bottle



An unexpectedly savoury mead, Broken Crown combines smoked chipotle peppers with raspberry, resulting in an off-dry mead with bourbon-like qualities, a mild pepperiness, and a subtle raspberry aroma.

Alcohol Content: 12.2% ABV
Availability: Available Now, 500ml Bottle                                                       

Gold, Mazer Cup 2019 Gold, Orpheus Cup 2018 Silver, Texas Mead Cup 2017
Bronze, Mazer Cup 2016



Orange Blossom Traditional Sweet Mead in the Dwojniak style. Aged three years, this opulent mead begins with rich aromas of golden sultanas and gingersnap. At first sip, catch the hints of graham cracker and subtle lime zest. This velvety giant is sure to impress.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV
Availability: Sold Out, 500ml Bottle

Bronze, Mazer Cup 2016



Pure blue agave nectar and rich desert blossom honey combine with a zesty shot of lime to deliver the perfect sweet and sour combination.

Alcohol Content: 12.5% ABV 
Availability: Sold Out, 500ml Bottle

Bronze, Mazer Cup 2019 Texas Champion, Texas Mead Cup 2017 Gold, Texas Mead Cup 2017



Wildfire is a spiced mead flavored with cinnamon, peppermint, hibiscus, and eleven other herbs and spices. A unique drink for holiday parties, Wildfire also tastes great warmed up.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% ABV
Availability: Seasonal (Winter),  500ml Bottle                                                                                              

Bronze, Mazer Cup 2017 Gold, Mazer Cup 2017



Melissa is made with a blend of honey and premium red wine grapes. Bold cherry and strawberry accents mingle with the rich honey character for an unforgettable experience.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% ABV
Availability: Limited, Available now, 500ml Bottle

Gold Medal, Mazer Cup 2017



Aromas of cocoa, citrus, plum, and orange blossom honey harmonize perfectly with flavors of the orange muscat grapes.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% ABV 
Availability: Sold Out, 500ml Bottle

Gold, Orpheous Cup 2018 Best in show, Orpheous Cup 2018 Silver Medal, Mazer Cup 2016



We crammed a ridiculous amount of berries into this intense, yet smooth berry blast which will launch your tastebuds to another planet! Strap yourself in and treat yourself to the Voyage of a lifetime.

Alcohol Content: 14% ABV 
Availability: Available Now, 500ml Bottle